About Us

The mission of the United Nations Family Rights Caucus is to protect and promote the natural family as the fundamental unit of society as called for in Article 16 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The caucus was founded in 2008 in response to the growing attacks on the family at the UN. We work to ensure that the family is protected in all United Nations policies and agreements.

We currently have member organizations and individual members in over 160 countries. Regardless of our national origins or cultural backgrounds, the one thing that unites us all is our understanding that a nation’s strength and the well being of its people depends largely on the stability and strength of its families.

Our members include concerned citizens, government, religious, and civil society leaders, and non-governmental organizations representing every region of the world. While a number of our member organizations represent various religious faiths, the UN Family Rights Caucus is not a religious-based organization. The  positions and policies we adopt are based on what has proven to bring the best outcomes for men, women and children, and thus society. Our membership includes religious and non-religious organizations and individuals alike. All who support our work to protect the family, family values and the life of the unborn are welcome to join us.

The cause of  protecting the family transcends all national boundaries and any political divide. Indeed, in addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a total of five binding UN treaties (CRC, ICESCR, ICCPR, Disabilities, and Migrant Workers) and multiple other UN agreements call upon nations to protect the family. Yet, increasingly, UN policies and programs are violating these treaties and agreements and are actually undermining the institution of the family. In some cases, these UN actions are even contributing to the family's widespread disintegration.

One of the most basic human rights recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the right to found a family. In the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the right of children to grow up in a family environment and to know and be cared for by their parents is specifically recognized. How can these rights be realized if the family is not protected? To protect the institution of the family is to protect one of the most basic human rights known to mankind.

UN consensus documents also clearly specify that among other things, the family unit needs protection against poverty, diseases including HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, unemployment, migration, war, family separation and barriers to reunification, and the worldwide disintegration of the family itself.

The first UN event sponsored by the Caucus was a panel at UN headquarters in New York in 2008 promoting a family-based approach rather than a sexual-rights-based approach to HIV/AIDS prevention. Since then the caucus has participated in numerous UN commissions, conferences and meetings and has also become increasingly active in promoting the family at the UN Human Rights Council deliberations in Geneva.

We invite you to review our present and past initiatives, to take advantage of the family policy resources on this site, and if you agree with our efforts and positions, join us, either as an organization or as an individual.

There is power in unity and power in numbers, and we are working to make the Caucus an even stronger force for good at the UN and throughout the world. Join us in this important work to promote and protect the family and help us win even more victories for the family.

Click here to join the UN Family Rights Caucus. Click here to help us by signing our “Include the Family!” letter to the United Nations.

Organizations and individuals can join the UN Family Rights Caucus. While a list of member organizations will be posted once our current membership drive is completed, for privacy reasons the list of our individual members will not be made public. Member organizations can also opt to be silent partners. Membership in the UN Family Rights Caucus does not indicate that an organization or individual necessarily supports all positions of other caucus members, but rather indicates support for the UN Family Rights Caucus activities to protect the family. Membership allows individuals and organizations to have their voice for the family be heard at the UN even if they are not able to participate directly during meetings and negotiations. Members are invited to participate in UN conferences with the caucus, and we send out  periodic updates and reports on caucus activities.

Please help us strengthen  our caucus by also inviting other organizations and individuals to join!