Abortion/Protection of Life

Confronting the Myths About Maternal Mortality and Abortion (Policy Brief) - Abortion advocates claim there is a connection between maternal mortality and restrictive abortion laws. Research shows that liberal abortion laws do not have a noticeable effect on decreasing maternal mortality; whereas, improving the quality of health care clearly does. This policy brief exposes the myths of maternal mortality and abortion.

Abortion (Policy Brief) - This policy brief provides details on the negative impacts abortions have on the mother and explains the terminology and different types of abortions.

The Relentless Push to Create an “International Right" to Abortion (Policy Brief) - Since 1994, abortion advocates have attempted to establish a broad international human right to abortion on demand. What they got instead, through heated negotiations during the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), is a prohibition on promoting abortion for family planning and encouragement by the United Nations body to avoid abortion altogether, especially unsafe abortions performed to save the mother.

The Maputo Protocol (Policy Brief)