2017 Statements & Activities

The UN Family Rights Caucus has been active at the UN working to protect the family and family values at UN conferences and negotiations in both Geneva and New York since 2008.  This represents only some of our activities and campaigns and is not all-inclusive. 

March 2017-Commission on the Status of Women-CSW61

The UNFRC  in cooperation with Family Watch International organized a highly successful, standing-room-only event sponsored by the government of Saint Lucia on “The Critical Role of Mothers in Society: Valuing the Work in the Home” calling on Member States to recognize mothers in the CSW document and to remove the reference to characterizing their work as “burdens.” The event was moderated by Annie Franklin, UNFRC Spokesperson, with speeches from:

H.E. Mr. Cosmos Richardson, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia to the United Nations.

Hon. Dr. Gale T. C. Rigobert, Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development of Saint Lucia.

Hon. Sarah Flood Beaubrun, Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service of Saint Lucia.

Dr. Boutaina Karrouri, a Member of Parliament  in Morocco, a university public law professor and researcher, former counselor to the Minister of Justice and Freedom over women’s and children’s issues, and former President of Forum Azzahrae for Moroccan Women, the organization she represents today.

Ms. Luisa Peña from Spain, graduated in Law and Political Science at the Autonomous University of Madrid with a Master's in Diplomacy and International Civil Service in the Centre of International Studies in Barcelona. She has collaborated with Professionals for Ethics since 2014 and participated in the foundation of Women of the World Platform in 2015.

Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch International.

Click here to see the video presented, “Voices for Motherhood at CSW.”

Two UN Family Rights Caucus Meetings held at CSW61

Two UNFRC caucus meetings were held during CSW61 providing briefings on the status of family issues in the negotiations and providing lobbying tools and training for pro-life and pro-family NGOs.