2018 Statements & Activities

The UN Family Rights Caucus has been active at the UN working to protect the family and family values
at UN conferences and negotiations in both Geneva and New York since 2008. This represents only some
of our activities and campaigns and is not all-inclusive.

June 2018 - Seminar on the Family and the Older Persons

A one-day Intersessional Seminar on the Family and the Older Persons was held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on June 11, 2018 as mandated by last year’s Human Rights Council resolution 35/13 -  Protection of the family: role of the family in supporting the protection and promotion of human rights of older persons.

Member States and other relevant stakeholders, including National Human Rights Institutions, academic experts, and civil society organizations participated in the seminar to examine the impact of the implementation by States on their obligations under the relevant international framework for the protection of the family and human rights of older persons.

Mrs. Annie Franklin, spokesperson for the UNFRC, participated at the seminar and was encouraged by the generally positive tone of the panels in an arena where the family is not always regarded as highly as it should be. One of the panelists in particular, Dr. Jeremy B. Yorgason, Director of the Gerontology Program at Brigham Young University, presented research on the positive aspects of the family and the older persons.

It was noted in the concept notes for the seminar that “The family is a strong force for cohesion and integration, intergenerational solidarity, and social development, and plays a crucial role in the preservation of cultural identity, traditions, morals, heritage, and the value systems of society. Potential contribution of the family to society, national development and the achievements of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the promotion and protection of human rights, deserves wider recognition by the international community.”

Ms. Emma Kleinman, a youth associate of the UNFRC, delivered an intervention during the afternoon dialogue on the importance of intergenerational solidarity to help promote an age-friendly environment. Click here to watch the statement. (Statement from 37:02 to 39:15)

During the closing session, another associate of the UNFRC, Mr. Rody de Guzman, delivered an intervention focusing on the importance of involving the older persons in relevant processes at the UN. Click here to watch the statement. (Statement from 39:26 to 50:55)

The office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will prepare a report based on the seminar.

All sessions of the seminar can be seen in their entirety at these locations on the UN Webcast.

Opening & Session 1, Intersessional Seminar on Family & the Older Persons

Session 2, Intersessional Seminar on Family & Older Persons

Session 3, Intersessional Seminar on Family and Older Persons

Session 4 & Closing, Intersessional Seminar on Family and Older Persons