2016 Statements & Activities

The UN Family Rights Caucus has been active at the UN working to protect the family and family values at UN conferences and negotiations in both Geneva and New York since 2008.  This represents only some of our activities and campaigns and is not all-inclusive. 

Protection of the Family Resolution Passes Again!

One of the major 2016 victories for the family was the adoption by the UN Human Rights Council of the Protection of the Family resolution in the context of disabilities. Despite coming under heavy attack by entities seeking to undermine the family, this resolution passed by a much wider margin than the original protection of the family resolution adopted in 2014 and the more expansive Protection of the Family resolution adopted in 2015. Each year the votes in favor of the Protection of the Family resolution have increased, and this shows that momentum for the family is building across the world.

Click here to learn more details about this critical victory.

UNFRC’s Actions in Support of the Protection of the Family Resolution

In a letter to the Permanent Missions in Geneva, the UN Family Rights Caucus called attention to the resolution for the Protection of the family: The role of the family in supporting the protection and promotion of human rights of persons with disabilities. The letter congratulated the main sponsors of the resolutions, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cote d'Ivoire, China, El Salvador, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Qatar, Russia, Tunisia, and Uganda. UNFRC reminded Member States of their duty to protect the family as the fundamental unit of society under binding treaties and highlighted the crucial role the family plays in the support and protection of people with disabilities. Finally, the letter debunked many of the myths being spread to try to stop the resolution from passing.

UNFRC Participates in High-Level Event: “Uniting Nations for a Family Friendly World

The UNFRC participated in a high-level event at UN Headquarters in celebration of the International Day of the Family. This event titled “Uniting Nations for a Family Friendly World brought together UN ambassadors, scholars and social scientists, religious and civil society leaders, youth, and even children to celebrate and promote the role of the family in development and as the fundamental unit of society. Click here for more details.

Statement delivered by UNFRC chair, Sharon Slater

Statement delivered by UNFRC spokesperson, Annie Franklin

UNFRC Chair Participates in Opening Ceremony of UN Family Photo Exhibit

In conjunction with the International Day of the Family and the UN high-level event, “Uniting Nations for a Family Friendly World,” UNFRC chair, Sharon Slater, delivered a joint statement representing the Caucus and other pro-family organizations across the world. Click here to read the statement.

UNFRC Spokesperson Addresses Human Rights Council

32nd  Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva June 13- July 1, 2016

Parallel Event:

Annie Franklin, spokesperson for the UN Family Rights Caucus and Director of UN Activities for Family Watch International spoke at a panel at the United Nations in Geneva during the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council. Addressing the topic of the sexualization of children, Mrs. Franklin introduced Family Watch International’s newly produced documentary “The War on Children: Stopping the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda.” She explained the difference between standard sexual education programs  and Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs (CSE) that aim to sexualize children at a young age.

Other panelists included Mr. Ruben Navarro from Alliance Defending Freedom, Mr. Heiner Handschin from Family Federation for World Peace, and Mr. Hafid Ouardiri representing Geneva Interfaith and Intercultural Alliance.

The event was sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation, the Women’s Federation for World Peace International (WFWP), Family Federation for World Peace and Unification,(FFWPU), Geneva Interfaith and Intercultural Alliance (GIIA), Family Watch International, ADF International, Organisation Mondiale des Associations pour l’Education Prénatales (OMAEP), Fondation de l’Entre-Connaissance (FEC), and LDS Charities.

UNFRC Opposes SOGI Appointment

Statement Critical of the SOGI Resolution, June 27, 2016

The UN Family Rights Caucus along with GLOBAL HAWC (Global Helping to Advance Women and Children) delivered a statement critical of resolution A/HRC/32/L.2, “Protection against violence and discrimination based on Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity. While being categorically opposed to any violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, the statement questioned a resolution going far beyond protection from violence and seeking to mandate an independent expert, also pointing out that there are no binding international treaties or human rights instruments that establish rights based on sexual orientation or gender identity, therefore, no valid basis upon which to appoint an independent expert. Mr. Rody de Guzman, an FWI volunteer in Geneva delivered the statement.